South Park pushes back against the paranoid

It looks like South Park finally weighed in on the NSA scandal during last Wednesdays show. True to form, Parker and Stone take the cool-headed approach to government spying and point to the central overlooked fact about human-based surveillance : it is completely intractable.


Even though I spent last week’s post arguing against complacency to surveillance in an age where computers are rapidly taking over for humans,  I think Parker and Stone’s point is well taken. It is worth remembering that, in contemporary times at least, surveillance is still a human driven activity and we shouldn’t expect to see vast data-mining systems wrapping their coils around our personal lives.  Paranoids conspiracy theories are enemy of concerned citizens and the last thing we need is another Dylan Averary or Alex Jones intruding on a serious effort to understand the bounds of privacy in the modern era.

Still, given recent events, one might  wonder if the broken watch that is the conspiracy community isn’t also right twice a day……


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