Fall Reading List 2013 : Datamining and Distributism

It looks like my local Catholic community has set its reading list for Fall 2013 and sure enough it’s non-other than Chesterton’s masterpiece: Orthodoxy. I have read this book at least three times and it continues to surprise me on each re-reading. Getting the chance to hear others opinions on it will be a singular treat.



This dovetails nicely with my academic reading list emphasizing data-mining (this quarter will be Machine Learning a Probablistics Perspective). Considering the not entirely coincidental overlap with the subject matter of this blog, I will most likely be writing about both texts and subjects over the course of the next few months (though likely more observations about Orthodoxy since I have no desire to fill this blog with extended discourses on mathematical methods)

I am particularly looking forward to blogging about the group reaction to Orthodoxy. Considering my strong opinions about Chesterton’s work it will be a great opportunity to see if neophytes have similar reactions. Who knows, perhaps the Data Distributist might serve as an online forum so that others, not in Seattle , can participate in our discussion.


2 thoughts on “Fall Reading List 2013 : Datamining and Distributism

  1. I think that I would like to be in on the discussion, as I have started Orthodoxy, only to have been interrupted mid-read by life events. Will try getting into it with the group. If there is an on-line discussion, would love to be pat of it. How interesting that this aligns with my own reading objective!

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