Back to Blogging with Russell Brand…

I return to this blog after a week-long hiatus brought on by midterms. However, I am going to have to start with a retraction. For years  have thought the quasi-political rambling of of the drug-addled rock-mediocrity Russell Brand were pure trash. All this while I have missed the subtle and pervasive satire throughout Brand’s career. Fortunately, the star’s special skill has been recognized by the socialist magazine The New Statesmanwho last week appointed the musician as a guest editor. Russell Brand can be seen discussing what he hopes to accomplish:

It’s an interesting how Brand is able to recast his profound ignorance and indifference as a revolutionary asset. I guess there is a market for a kind of confident talk of revolution. In fact I think confidence has always been Brand’s trademark so he might as well sell it to people who eager to hear about an imminent revolution. Says Brand : “There’s totally going to be a revolution, it’s totally going to happen…”  with a person like Brand at the movement’s head, I can’t wait to see how it shapes up.


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