Sunday Link: Empiricism in the Cave

I just came across a good rendition of Plato’s analogy of the cave using, get this, claymation. Take a watch below:

I used to have a former-Christian (agnostic) friend, who, after leaving Christianity felt this analogy by Plato contained more truth than any parable in the Bible. Though I am not prepared to go that far, there is something very deep in this story that the modern world seems close to forgetting.

While one should always be careful about drawing modern lessons from ancient allegories. I can’t help but think that Plato meant to deliver a very biting blow to empiricism. When one builds a model of the universe based on collecting existing evidence there is a tendency to believe that this model is the Universe. Perhaps the statistician Box put it best of all :

Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful.


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