One thought on “My Word, My Data

  1. I find the old view of “a man’s word is his bond” extremely attractive and admirable – and wonder if others don’t agree? Though I can understand and forgive others their very public trespasses and apologies, they do not rise is my estimation. The characters I have admired in my life are those that adhere to the truth in a very literal way, with compassion in their hearts and intelligence of thought. Stupid and blind adherence to the letter of the law is no more admirable than a wild bending and disregard for it. But, if one has chosen to live by a set of precepts, then living by them is admirable. We admire yogis, artists and athletes for the discipline they bring to their crafts. Just so, we can admire people who make a vow, a promise or take an oath and adhere to it. This is a discipline, too, and there is beauty in its practice.

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