Dismantling The Cult of Confidence, New YouTube Channel

I gave a lecture this last weekend on the application of probability theory to modern epistemology. It outlines a lot of my own thoughts about the mistakes in public discourse when we talk about the  confidence and certainty. This was delivered at the Socratic Forum for Thought in Seattle Washington:

This blog hasn’t been updated recently since I haven’t had time for writing during my Grad program. However, recently I have participated in several debates and delivered some lectures on topics corresponding to this blog’s subject matter. I am starting a new YouTube channel to host these videos although everything I upload will be re-posted here.

The channel:


A previous discussion between me and Jersey Flight can be found here:


3 thoughts on “Dismantling The Cult of Confidence, New YouTube Channel

  1. David: This is a great talk! You were clear, had great examples, and though you felt that you and to speak very quickly, I don’t think that it was too fast to be followed. Bravo!

    Your father was listening to it too, and I think he would enjoy speaking to you about it more. He said, “I think that David and I are thinking very much along the same lines.”.

    You’ve come so far in your ability to address a group. To my mind you come over as very affable and a good listener; you are not a push-over, though, and don’t cave when someone starts speaking nonsense (like the first man who spoke when the Q and A began; obviously he had a PC agenda that he wanted to tout and hadn’t attended at all to the subject you were addressing )

    Well done – and I hope that you sent this to your brother to listen to.

    Love – Mama

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