My Conversation with a Cultural Conservative

The author of the website, was kind enough to do a chat with me on contemporary culture war issues. The recording of the google hangout can be found here:

It’s pretty long, but hits most of the main controversies. It looks like the website even did a post on the conversation afterwards. It would certainly be fun to continue this dialogue, I think a lot could be said on the contrasting perspective between traditionalists and progressives concerning community building.

Answering The Right

For much of the newer generations, social conservativism is a dinosaur. Not unlike the late USSR, many are sensing the death throes of a doomed system. Marriage has been opened up to include LGBT couples and some (including myself) advocate for polyamorous marriage. Sex can be fun and better controlled thanks to the sexual revolution. Feminist ideas about equality are commonplace. New identities are emerging and gaining acceptance. Secular countries without dominant traditional norms are holding up well.

Who, many ask, would object to this cultural flowering?

I was fascinated to find such an objector with the screenname The Distributist. Unlike the stereotype, however, he isn’t an angry zealot acting out of misplaced frustration. In fact, he is knowledgeable about philosophy, enjoys speaking with progressives, and has a coherent set of beliefs. He invited me onto his stream to discuss sex, gender, marriage, identity, and politics.

Before our conversation, I was sent a list of…

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